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temsirolimus injection

Temsirolimus Injection

  • AP rated to ToriselĀ®
  • Preservative Free
  • The container closure is not made with natural rubber latex
  • 25mg/mL per vial*
  • Diluent included in separate vial

25mg/mL per vial* Order

Package Insert Download | NDC No. 65219-200-05 | Product No 220005 | Description Single Dose Vial (Kit) | Concentration 25mg/mL per vial* | Fill Vol. 1.2mL+ | Closure 13 mm | Pack Size 1++ |

*Each carton contains 1 single dose vial of Temsirolimus Injection 25mg/mL and 1 single dose vial of Diluent for Temsirolimus Injection

+Temsirolimus Injection vial contains 0.2mL of overfill

++Please use NDC 65219-200-05 for ordering kit